Running: 8.04 – 6.05.2016

BWA Sokół Gallery

Opening date: 8.04.2016 at 6pm


The horizon is the border of visibility in the plane of the horizon, the line of apparent contact of the sky with the surface of the Earth. In open terrain the horizon is similar in shape to the circle. The phenomenon of surface contact described above, the search for an additional dimension and the problem of space in the image are problems to which Justyna Smoleń refers in her painting. In the works presented at her first individual exhibition in Nowy Sącz, the dominant color is black. Monochrome, almost ascetic canvases thanks to the richness of gray obtained with the help of paint, which the artist imposes in almost sculptural way, gain the impression of multi-color. Smoleń rigorously defines the composition with regular brush strokes that leave rhythmic, fleshy lines behind and their logic is revealed depending on the point of view. It is not without reason that the artist intertwines with the concept of horizon, which is closely related to the observer. And so, in the work of Smoleń, paint alternately reflects and absorbs light, generating an infinite number of open, flickering compositions with a dynamic structure that, despite their abstract character, can bring to mind fragments of observed reality, curling hair, swirling waves, landscape.


Curator: Monika Smyła